Not A Patriot

“According to Livy, patriotism is based in love of the land and respect of family. Aristocrats tend to be more settled and stable then common people, staying on the same land for generations and taking the time to remember and retell their family histories. Because they have more to preserve, they tend to be more patriotic.” — Wes Callihan

De Tocqueville observed that the opposite was, likewise, true: that when people are removed from their land as property, place, tradition, and heredity, as they are in an individualized and equalized democracy, patriotism is extinguished.

One may conclude, further, that people uprooted from their lands and displaced in others will not for generations have love or connection to the country’s ideals, laws, sentiments, and customs. They will not be “patriots” because it is not their father’s land they inhabit. Even Livy saw this as disintegration.


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