Ordo Amoris

The Dow says,

This fellow is a Christian pastor but he is peddling the religion of humanism–the religion of Babel.

Rushdoony is ever relevant:

“The demand of humanism (and of its child, socialism) is for a universal ethics. In universal ethics we are told that, even as the family gave way to the tribe, and the tribe to the nation, so the nation must give way to a one-world order. All men must treat all other men equally. Partiality to our family, nation, or race, represents a lower morality, we are told, and must be replaced by a ‘higher’ morality of a universal ethics.” Roots Of Reconstruction — pg. 574

Humanism and socialism are universal and global ideological systems. The present push to individualize, equalize, and atomize all humans on an evenly spaced sterile plane, like billions of surgical steel BBs on a flat surface all equidistance from each other, places humans in an unnatural social order; one that is mathematical and perfect, but not organic and human.

De Tocqueville said,

Among democratic nations new families are constantly springing up, others are constantly falling away, and all that remain change their condition; the woof of time is every instant broken and the track of generations effaced. Those who went before are soon forgotten; of those who will come after, no one has any idea: the interest of man is confined to those in close propinquity to himself. As each class gradually approaches others and mingles with them, its members become undifferentiated and lose their class identity for each other. Aristocracy had made a chain of all the members of the community, from the peasant to the king; democracy breaks that chain and severs every link of it…

Thus not only does democracy make every man forget his ancestors, but it hides his descendants and separates his contemporaries from him; it throws him back forever upon himself alone and threatens in the end to confine him entirely within the solitude of his own heart.

Pavlovitz, which reminds me of Pavlov’s dogs oddly enough, is out of line with Church history and Scripture itself, which teaches us to care for the members of our own household primarily and then especially the Church. There is an order of associations, allegiances, loves, authorities, and so on. People are not organized as an atomized mass. God placed us from birth in families with hierarchies of affection and obedience, obligations and duties. I wonder if Pavlovitz would take his reasoning to how he views his wife. Does he love all women equally?


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