Self-Harm as Policy


“If we don’t give them free money, they will kill themselves.”

I pointed out this very line of reasoning just the other day:

If we don’t give them free healthcare, they’ll abort their unborn.

If we don’t give them free education, they’ll commit crime and do drugs.

If we don’t let them into our country, they’ll commit terrorism.

Or put another way:

They wouldn’t commit violence if conservatives would just stop speaking.

They wouldn’t be terrorists if we just allowed them free migration to our country.

They wouldn’t abort their children if they had better healthcare.

There wouldn’t be crime if we had better education and more jobs (this argument was first applied to European whites in the 1800s).

There wouldn’t be inequality of condition if the government just had more power.

This makes people out to be incredibly dependent upon the liberal self-anointed who is placed at the center of social processes. The target of their compassion is little more than a glorified pet who cannot so much brush their teeth, write a sentence, hold a job without the assistance and oversight of their elite fathers and mothers. It dehumanizes the person by stripping them of a will and independence, all in the name of compassion and aid.


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