The Caring Class

“Compassion has become the human face of contempt.” — Lasch

Leftists are happy to show compassion upon people, as it signifies their superiority as a “caring class” to the objects of their compassion and arrogates to themselves the job of looking out for everyone else, down there. The care-provider is naturally higher on socio-economic, cultural, and intellectual grounds, than the recipient of the care. Elitist benevolence is always in need of poor, despicable third-worlders upon whom they can display their moral superiority. 

A motive for importing the Hurting World – seen by the most pitiable images MSM can dig up – is to retain their moral superiority over those whom they know will offer no competition to that superiority. It is in the best interests of the caring class to have an object of compassion upon which to dote, and thus justify, their exalted status. If somehow those people no longer needed said compassion, the caring elites would lose most of their moral high ground from which they can manage the world. 

Middle Americans, conservatives, and self-independent peoples everywhere, challenge the caring class’s legitimacy and moral hierarchy with displays of moral compassion and authority of their own; but they also challenge the caring class by sheer virtue of their existence apart from that class. And so, the caring class has an interest in making these peoples dependent or, if that fails, in replacing them with people who will provide them with the social hierarchy they desire. 


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