Sowell Nuance

I’m glad Thomas Sowell is being popularized:

Not the elitist condescension of the genteel white woman as she cites stats showing blacks earn less than whites and that not all blacks will be superiorSame for women. They are inferior and will remain inferior in perpetuity, such that the only way for them to advance is for someone higher than themselves to elevate  them passively; like saving dogs from a gutter. Surely this finely dressed, aristocratic accented woman will be the one to do it.

Leaving her motivations aside, Sowell displays his typical nuance and depth of facts that are usually generalized by Leftists in order to obscure reality and push their white-guilt narrative. There is no reason for whites to feel guilty or ashamed for anything. They do not earn more as a mass. They earn more in categories. And this is due to common sense wisdom from thousands of years of Western and Christian heritage which teaches us how to live rightly and prosperous on the earth. This wisdom, this tradition, is rejected and abandoned only to the detriment of the people themselves.


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