Who Is My Neighbor?

P-Man says,

Note that (1) what he’s saying you can’t really disagree with, and (2) what side politically he expects you to likely come down on. Even the way he frames the answer betrays it. Glad TGC is tipping its hand politically more and more.
It is like he basically just said nothing
Confusing the Church’s role and the government’s is at the center of many contemporary evangelical problems. In the end Thabiti wants you to come down a certain place politically. It is inevitable.
Indeed, the OT examples Thabiti quotes applied to “God’s people” qua theocratic nation. They did not apply to other nations; nor do they apply to America today. Furthermore, Jesus’ commands to his disciples to care for the sick, etc., are not commands he gave to the State to enact as domestic or foreign policy. If Christians can help people, they should – personally, directly, effectively. When Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor,” he did not respond by saying, “The state through your lobbying and redistributed taxation.” He said, essentially, “You go and be a good neighbor.”
Thabiti also says we should not baptize our politics with the bible. Well, how else ought we to form a political vision – totally apart from Scripture? No Christian thinks his politics violates Scripture. It is only normal to see one’s political vision aligning with one’s view of the bible.
He says Americans have become isolationist. Was the invasion of the Middle East isolationist? Have our foreign policies which have sought regime-change been isolationist? Was FDR’s “making the world safe for democracy” foreign policy isolationist? Really.

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