Women And Strength

Regardless of what some say, women desire to submit to and follow men. Here is a photo of “the prime minister of Ontario (population 14,000,000), who is a lesbian feminist and a strong independent woman but who turns into a submissive woman and acts as if she is “inferior” to men the second she steps into a mosque.”
“They made her wear a veil and sit separately from men, a woman who is in charge of 14 million Canadians, she became docile like a battered wife, like a battered dog in the presence of muslim men.” — CH
I don’t want women sitting in corners like battered dogs. However, they will be doing just that and more in the future, because Liberalism is a weak worldview that bows to anything that will simply stand up and show strength. Islam is standing up, masculine, strong, proud, brazen. It’s code for women is brutal and grave. It’s only too bad that strength and masculinity are coming from afar and not from Western Christian men.

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