Naming Things

The “shit test” spoken of in the manosphere is really just an inversion of the male/female roles in the garden of Eden. Adam named things. He named everything. He even named Eve. But a “shit test” is essentially when a women tries to name something; namely (heh), the man. She tries to “frame” him, to define him, to redefine him. In biblical context, naming is controlling. To name is to define, to determine the limits, purpose, uses, status, and so on. One of the curses God pronounced on Eve was that her “desire” would be for her man, but that he would “rule” over her. Contextually, this meant that she would seek to rule over the man but that he would dominate or rule over her. When a woman tries to name a man or shit test him, she is seeking to rule over him. Hence, following the very pattern God gave in Genesis 3, he must rule over her, he must impose his “frame” both on himself and back upon her. The manosphere calls this “reframing.”


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