What is a multi-ethnic life?

“To erase the stain of racism in the SBC requires all racial groups within the denomination to preach reconciliation, to live multiethnic lives, and to reject and fight against he enduring effects of white supremacy with the gospel of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.” – Jarvis Williams, Removing the Stain of Racism
What does it mean to live a multi-ethnic life?
Is it by disallowing one single ethnicity exist? By blending them all? By not letting anyone marry a spouse of one’s own culture, ethnicity, or race? By preventing, morally or legally, one to have children that are not somehow of mixed ancestry, culture, color, etc? This appears the mirror opposite of Hitler’s experiment. The Nazis wanted a pure Aryan race. These people want a pure mixed race.
The great sin in the eyes of these racial grievance people is to be of one single ethnicity or race (re: white). Read what they’re saying through that lens and it will all make sense. The SBC will not be finished until all live multiethnic lives. “Multiethnic” means non-purely white lives. Pure white must go. It is wrong. Ergo, to be a pure white person is a sin. To have pure white kids is a sin. To have an all white home, church, business, school, neighborhood, community, city, nation, is sin. Ok, maybe not sin. But it’s not as “vibrant,” “radiant,” “Christ-like,” “developed,” “economical,”.
But, there is a sense in which to be white is to be diverse. We have Irish, Italian, Spanish, British, Scottish, Polish, German, Armenian, Russian, Swedish, American, New England American, Southern American, Appalachian, Sicilian, etc. The goal of these anti white critical race radicals is to reduce all whites into a reductionistic category and then condemn that monolithic category, which only shows they don’t understand white people in the slightest. They have invented a reductionist analytic hermeneutic that blinds them to the complexities of reality and of history. They know little of white history (see Anthony Bradley’s FB page on African Americans and the European Reformation), that for instance white people have a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities and histories, that white people have warred against each other, enslaved each other, plundered and oppressed each other, that in the twentieth century more white people died at the hands of other white people than all slaves brought from Africa abroad or all black people still alive on America today.
Much less do they know that they are awakening something in white people collectively which will not soon go back to sleep. They are reducing all white people to a monolithic category inside of which white people live and move and have their being and outside of which they claim white people cannot exist even at the minutest of levels? So be it. If they succeed in uniting all whites together against themselves, they will have created a monster as much worse than Hitler as the Western world is larger than Germany.

Old Slavoj

Slavoj is the only one who will tell it like it is:

“Everybody in the World Except US Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote and Elect the American Government”

Steve says,

Old Slavoj does have kind of a point there about American elites’ reigning philosophy of Invade the World / Invite the World.

One long run consequence of the government electing a new people will be the new people eventually electing new elites or in some other, perhaps undemocratic, fashion getting rid of the current elites.

All They Have Left

“What’s happening at campuses is not an isolated affair – it is a result of what is happening in America as a whole. The sense of shared values and culture among Americans is vanishing rapidly; at the same time many feel isolated from their communities and families. Mass immigration has dramatically altered our country’s demographics, while multiculturalism has created a confusing landscape of competing visions for what it means to be an American. Many citizens see our national society as one of millions of alienated atoms living in a continental strip mall, not interconnected denizens living happily together in one proud country. Thus, they turn to alternative forms of identity. A real American identity – one not entirely composed of platitudes about “equality and opportunity” – is becoming a thing of the past…The momentum of the present is veering toward tribalism, not unity. And the only thing keeping all the tribes of the Left unified right now is their shared animosity toward whites.”

Greer, Scott (2017-01-04). No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination

Multiversity Breakup

This sort of thing is why identity politics is on the rise. It is a microcosm of how multicultural and diverse societies break up into isolated identity groupings, a sort of self-segregation. There is nothing new or abnormal about it. What is unique is that the university is fragmenting into a diversity. Perhaps they will be called multiversities, each isolated from the other with big walls and gates and signs and guards.

Heard This Before

The basis for white guilt is acceptance of the premise of left-wing intellectual Susan Sontag: “The white race is the cancer of human history.” Upon accepting that notion (or at least a far less brutal articulation of it), whites must strive for atonement from all the groups they have wronged. The feeling of superiority driven in by white supremacy is replaced with a state of utter shame under white guilt. The only kind of racial discussion whites should engage in are ones where they sit down, shut up, and allow their moral superiors to berate them.
Reminds one of the “racial reconciliation” panels to which evangelical whites are being subjected.

Who Is My Neighbor?

P-Man says,

Note that (1) what he’s saying you can’t really disagree with, and (2) what side politically he expects you to likely come down on. Even the way he frames the answer betrays it. Glad TGC is tipping its hand politically more and more.
It is like he basically just said nothing
Confusing the Church’s role and the government’s is at the center of many contemporary evangelical problems. In the end Thabiti wants you to come down a certain place politically. It is inevitable.
Indeed, the OT examples Thabiti quotes applied to “God’s people” qua theocratic nation. They did not apply to other nations; nor do they apply to America today. Furthermore, Jesus’ commands to his disciples to care for the sick, etc., are not commands he gave to the State to enact as domestic or foreign policy. If Christians can help people, they should – personally, directly, effectively. When Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor,” he did not respond by saying, “The state through your lobbying and redistributed taxation.” He said, essentially, “You go and be a good neighbor.”
Thabiti also says we should not baptize our politics with the bible. Well, how else ought we to form a political vision – totally apart from Scripture? No Christian thinks his politics violates Scripture. It is only normal to see one’s political vision aligning with one’s view of the bible.
He says Americans have become isolationist. Was the invasion of the Middle East isolationist? Have our foreign policies which have sought regime-change been isolationist? Was FDR’s “making the world safe for democracy” foreign policy isolationist? Really.

Racial Theater

Racial issues in the nation are reported and delivered in a manner that can be called Racial Theater – a certain ritual re-enactment of emotions, words, symbols, and actions designed to stir an audience to certain responses, each time with the same characters, the same plot, the same props and themes, beginnings and endings, feelings and responses. Even those who do not watch the show nonetheless hear about it from those who attended the moral spectacle. The masters of ceremonies are experts in their rhetoric, the actors often are paid, and even crowd attendees play their part quite well, like seasoned viewers and critics of the gladiatorial games.

Non Homo Rationalis

The divide in one picture: to some, man is a purely rational creature who, with enough proper education, will overcome his base allegiances and superstitions. To others, man is a dynamic, part of which is ration, but a great part of which is irrational bonds, habits, inclinations, loyalties, desires, and loves; none of which can be educated away through abstract idealisms.C4k161qWcAUNCRP.jpg

Source: https://twitter.com/NRO/status/831254892626993152


Sowell Nuance

I’m glad Thomas Sowell is being popularized:

Not the elitist condescension of the genteel white woman as she cites stats showing blacks earn less than whites and that not all blacks will be superiorSame for women. They are inferior and will remain inferior in perpetuity, such that the only way for them to advance is for someone higher than themselves to elevate  them passively; like saving dogs from a gutter. Surely this finely dressed, aristocratic accented woman will be the one to do it.

Leaving her motivations aside, Sowell displays his typical nuance and depth of facts that are usually generalized by Leftists in order to obscure reality and push their white-guilt narrative. There is no reason for whites to feel guilty or ashamed for anything. They do not earn more as a mass. They earn more in categories. And this is due to common sense wisdom from thousands of years of Western and Christian heritage which teaches us how to live rightly and prosperous on the earth. This wisdom, this tradition, is rejected and abandoned only to the detriment of the people themselves.